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Mental Health


Mental Health Intake:

Ruthanne Karges-Downs


Dr. Jehaan Ilyaas

Social Workers:

Dilys Jones, Ruthanne Karges-Down, Mary Newman

About Mental Health

Our social workers provide counselling for personal and family difficulties on referral from our physicians.

In addition, the social workers maintain information on community agencies and social programs, which may benefit you and your family.

Arrangements have also been made for a psychiatrist to visit the medical centre on a regular basis to improve accessibility for those patients requiring such services.
King West Medical is a part of the Family Health Team.  This means that we are able to offer our patients a wide variety of services that most other medical practices aren't able to offer.

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Get to know the names of our physicians, counsellors and other staff.  We are all one big family here at King West Medical.

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King West Medical is a part of the CORE Family Health Organization. This means that when you become a patient of one of our doctors, you will be covered by a doctor on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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